Looking for more than the typical bachelorette party or spa day? Aromatic parties are personalized based on the group + full of information + fun.

BYOB: Blend Your Own Botanical

A private 90-minute plunge into the world of aromatherapy, aromatic plants and oils. Each party starts with an introduction to using essential oils in daily life. Informative, casual and fun! Blaire leads you through the art of custom aromatherapy blending. Each guest leaves with a custom aromatic roller ball and how-to worksheets. 

Essential Oils: How to Nourish with Nature  

A two-hour walk through the world of aromatherapy, aromatic plants, and oils. We tailor our opening chat to the group’s interests — think oils and herbs for women’s health, winter wellness, stress reduction, aromatherapy and skincare. Then, each guest gets a private 5-10 minute consultation, a custom blend unique to their personal needs and a how-to aromatherapy guide.