For those wanting a hands-on experience with essential oils, we are pleased to offer local workshops in and around Nashville. Our list of offerings changes often, so check back with us for updates and let us know if you have specific requests.


Think of this as OIL 101. Intended for essential oil novices or anyone who wants a deeper dive into the world of aromatherapy, this workshop offers an introduction to using essential oils in day-to-day life. Informative, casual and of course fun!

The course will cover:
• Essential oil basics, properties and uses
• The 5 oils every home should have
• How to apply and store essential oils safely


Ready to distill your own essential oils and create your own hydrosols? Want to create custom essential oil and herbal products to use in the summer heat and winter chill? Join us for one of our specialized courses. Prior essential oil knowledge is an asset.


Do you have specific essential oil or herbal topics you want to know more about? Host a custom course for your friends with similar interests -  please contact us for details. 

Go here to learn more about upcoming workshops and special events.