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Aromatic consultation

Are you intrigued by the idea of having an essential oil blend or essential oil products created for you based on your particular needs and wants? Do you want to know more about how to use essential oils in a safe way on a daily basis? Blaire offers a limited number of Holistic Aromatherapy consultations every month. She brings her training in Clinical Aromatherapy and background in Health Coaching into each of her Holistic Aromatherapy consultations. Consultations are 60 minutes in length, and one custom product is created with detailed directions for use.


Integrative Medicine CONSULTATION

Are you desiring a medical approach that encompasses the whole you? 

Blaire brings her 10+ years in the field of Integrative Medicine into helping each client vision what is possible for their individual health + wellness journey. Her background as an Integrative Nurse Practitioner and training in functional medicine will give you access to a wide array of approaches to health + wellness. You deserve to live a life of health and vibrancy.

Common areas for consultation include:

GI complaints (IBS, SIBO)

Weight, Relationship to Food + Cravings

Stress + Mood



Learn more about founder Blaire Morriss here

Health coaching consultation

A health coaching relationship is unlike any health care relationship you’ve had in the past. In health coaching we work together in a personalized approach to the process of behavior change. This is done through support in setting goals, unearthing values, strengths, and motivations, and encouraging the development of sustainable healthy behaviors and attitudes. How many of us know what to do and yet we still don’t do it? This is where health coaching comes in. When in the role of health coach I act as a collaborator, a mirror (reflecting back your greatness), and an accountability partner. Saying yes to health coaching is truly a radical act of self-care.

An initial commitment of three months is recommended to see the benefits of this process. Click Learn More to find out about our 3 month coaching packages.

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